You’re not superman

You can only handle so much stuff in your life before you start to lose control.  By stuff I mean commitments, obligations, activities, responsibilities and actual “stuff,” things you own.  Your stress level can be raised for only a limited amount of time before you start to break down.  We are not meant to be overburdened.

Being overburdened is relative, though.  Some people have the energy and focus to achieve a lot each day. Others, like me, have a small plate that gets full pretty quickly.   You really need to know yourself in order to determine what the right amount of “stuff” is in your life.  It’s not easy and it takes some wisdom.

So Andrea and I came to our senses recently, looked each other in the eyes, and figured out that we have to start shedding “stuff” out of our lives if we’re going to enjoy it.  After years–yes, years–of being worn out, stressed out and frustrated with our lives we finally felt a sense of relief and hope that things will change.

What we’re doing

So we’re going to sell our house and downsizing, big time.  We are blessed to have a temporary, rent-free situation that will also remove the cost of many of the bills we pay.  We’ll actually be able to save money (<–brilliant concept).  We’ll be moving closer to my work so I don’t have the hour-long commute anymore.  And, through my employment, I’m working on a 2nd bachelor’s degree to help me make more money than I am now (FYI–higher education is NOT where the money is at).  The Phoenix housing market has also been exploding recently so the value of our house has gone up a lot–we’ll actually make money off of it, most likely.

Now this may sound like it’s all about money.  And to that I would say that you’re absolutely right!  Money problems add stress and can steal opportunities that God brings your way.  It is unwise to get yourself into a tight spot, financially speaking.  But, at the same time, it’s about way more than money.  In the last few years the burdens on my shoulders affected every part of my life.  I felt beat down physically, mentally, spiritually, etc.  I wasn’t even sure who I was anymore because life became so mediocre.

You need time to be still.  You need to have energy to pursue the most important things in life.  You do not get a gold medal for being busy.  Besides, McKayla wouldn’t be impressed anyway.


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