I eat donuts to change my daughter’s life

My daughter, LJ, and I have an appointment every Saturday morning. Actually, it’s a date, a Daddy-Daughter Date.

After I wake up and get dressed, I go into her room and let her choose her own outfit (usually including her Minnie Mouse hat). Then we go downstairs, grab her milk from the fridge and hop in the car.

Where do we go?  Dunkin Donuts, of course. She loves doughnuts.

I first read about the Daddy-Daughter date here and the author gave two reasons for doing it.

  1. “I desire to be a major influence on my daughter’s life.”
  2. “I want to serve my wife” [by letting her sleep in & relax].

The blog goes on to explain a couple “how-to” tips–which I paid attention to–but I really just wanted to dive in and spend some time with my girl.  I, too, want to be a major influence in the lives of both of my girls.

  • We live in a crazy world that isn’t very kind to women and young girls. I want them to know they have someone that’ll keep them safe.
  • We live in a world that makes endless promises that we’ll feel loved and special if we have this or that thing. I want to be there to show them love that is absolutely free and without condition or requirement.
  • We live in a world full of darkness and gloom.  I want to be there and show them how to enjoy life and live with purpose.

A million little forces surround us trying to pry and pull us into trouble of all kinds.  I want to be there to guide them down the straight-and-narrow and even learn from them when their little childlike personalities show me I need to lighten up.  I know the day is coming when LJ and Caelynn won’t appreciate my authority.  They won’t like my ground rules and that I’ll stick to my guns.  They may not even accept my faith and worldview.  But I want them to know that, no matter what, the things I do and say are rooted in love for them.

I know that this sort of influence doesn’t happen overnight and waiting until their teen years is waiting WAY too long. So, keeping the end goal in mind, I lay the groundwork for this influence every single Saturday morning (with very few exceptions) as we pick out the pink donut with sprinkles and talk about Dora the Explorer or Cinderella.  We don’t talk about anything deep–LJ’s only 2 after all–but I’m just there with her. And I must say that we both love that time together.

Fathers, go spend some time with your daughters.  It’s well worth the effort.


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